Edition Festival


Ellen Fullman och Okkyung Lee, First Edition Festival, Stockholm 2016. Foto: Mikael Keysendal


John Chantler

Edition is an annual festival organised by John Chantler in Stockholm each February. Chantler moved to Stockholm in November 2014 from London, where he was the Senior Producer at acclaimed new music venue Café OTO.

The Edition festival presents marginal ‘other’ music from the spheres of free improvisation, contemporary composition and electronic music with a focus on presenting performers from outside Sweden. The First Edition festival featured performances from Ellen Fullman, Okkyung Lee, Graham Lambkin & Joe McPhee, Globe Unity Orchestra and more. The Second Edition is scheduled to take place between the 9-11 February 2017.

Although the primary focus is organiseing the festival, Chantler is also exploring the possibility of hosting other concerts throughout the year.

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