Tove Nowén (EBO) is the initiator of Nonagon and has been to the cistern various times. As a multi artist with a focus on sound art, film, music and visual art, some of her latest AV sets have been seen at Aavistus festival (Helsingfors), Nymus live (Härnösand), Visualia (Reaktorhallen/Stockholm). As a composer she builds her performances with voice, analog sounds and processed loops to create experimental ambient soundscapes.

Egor Kaleshchuk is a russian born artist working with sound and visuals. He is the founder of Oskal Noise and performs with Aleatoriska Ensemblen. Works with tape loops, keyboard, percussion, voice & fx. Lyrics written in no certain language and sonic textures of tape loops erase essence of time, making Vokeebokæybgo Lochtyblchvvaii a perceptive experience.

With an experimental electro-acoustic background and a degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Brenda El Rayes creates pieces for electronics and voices.

Ida Davidsson (IAKDS) is an audiovisual artist working with video and sound art, including live visuals, AV performances, video installations and music videos. She has performed and had her work exhibited at festivals such as Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Aavistus Festival (Helsinki), IN-SONORA (Spain), Amostra (Portugal) and Island of Light (Sweden). Her visuals are always made with careful attention to details, textures and colors and her work is often described as sensitive, poetic and surreal.

The visuals of Annie Tådne draw inspiration from the Nordic darkness, where flora and fauna are used as a foundation for creating rhythmic and musical experiences. Layered and textured – the generated results feel as natural as unnatural, and amplify a post-digital reality that is active, dynamic and anticipated.


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